Abundance And Expectation


What you expect is usually what you get. Have you examined what your expectations about life are? If you have not, I dare you to explore that with a closer detail then you have ever had before, because of those truths that you hold as your core believes, you might be holding yourself back from experiencing the life you are wishing to.

Here are 10 of my core expectations:

1. I expect to receive the best. That includes not just the material things, but from people I care about deeply, people I meet, and just about everyone. People have so much potential, and I tend to look for that. Once identified, that is what I expect.

2. I expect the best from myself. The best is fluid, there are days where my best is overcoming a headache naturally, by taking some time to rest, and on a day I feel really good, I will bring it, whatever task or deadline is at hand.

3. I expect to achive my dreams and goals. No exeptions.

4. I enjoy life. There is always something to enjoy, may it be as seemingly insignificant as a cup of coffee, or something larger, like accomplishing a milestone.

5. I am worth it. I know my worth. While that is not an indication that I am more worth then others, I think everyone has a lot of worth. Difference is, I declare it. You can too, and should.

6. I am loved and cared for. People love in different ways, some have a limited way of showing so, mostly due to their own insecurities. That does not mean their love is less.

7. I am respected. I give respect to those who deserve it. I work by being respectful to earn others respect. I receive respect. I acknoledge that respect, by honoring them and the trust given.

8. I admire success. Sucess of any kind is admirable. The way some people got success is not necessarily admirable. You do not have to honor the process, but you can acknoledge the result, and learn from it.

9. I am successful. If I decide to put all of my energy into a subject, I know that I can achieve it, and will be successful in it. Success is less talent then dedication. Dedication does not necessarily mean hard work – it means action, but doing something you love is not hard, therefore it is not hard work to be successful, but it does take dedication to succeed.

10. I speak my truth. My truth and your truth can co-exist and do not need to cancel each other out, even if they are not the same. If we both follow this rule, we can co-exist peacefully and lovingly. My truth is not less valid if it does not convince you, neither is your truth less valid, it is just different.

Do you have a list of core expectations? Why not share a few in the comment section!

Hail Hecate!