Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Don't Shoot The Messenger

As I work more and more with Law of Attraction and Gratitude, I have come to the conclusion that I have to learn one very important lesson:

Be aware of the message, while not judging the messenger.

Often I asked for answers to questions, that I am stuck on, and when the Universe answers, it does not always answer through a person whom I particularly enjoy, or in a package I totally agree with. For example, I have been reading a book on promoting one’s writing, and the book ended up being a shameless plug of the Author’s own services and companies. It pissed me off at first, so much so, that I did not want to look at the fact that some of what she is writing are actually worthwhile tips. But than I remembered to asked:

Does it really matter what her motives where, or if she actually been as successful as she claimed (which a quick Google search proofed to be wrong), if what she is saying has partially merit?

No, it does not, because I can take from that book or from any other message I receive the parts that I need, and be grateful for them, rather than wallow in the fact, that the person who wrote it, or brought it to me, does not live up to my standards. That is my problem, not theirs, and that judgment will only take me away from the potential gain – for one, the gain of insight and secondly, the opportunity to be grateful.

My responds will determine what I can do with whatever I have been given. By not “shooting the messenger”, I can actually focus on the message, and learn, grow and use the principles that I have dedicated my life to studying, and practicing.


Tell A Tale

What tale do you tell yourself?
People are story tellers, we always imagined, embellished, shared and constructed stories. Some withstood the attempts to quiet them, those stories of power, of the outcast, of deep wisdom and off the land.
Witches are story tellers too. We weave our truths into the magick we create, for ourselves and for others. Us magick storytellers, are the Keepers of the truth, and the misterious, sharing them with our spoken and written words, our actions, our movements, rituals and our dance.
But in this midst of story telling, we sometimes forgot ourselves. What stories do we weave about our own lives? Are those stories that tell about our power, or of our lack? Do they enhance us or tear us down?
It is time that we pay attention to them, take control of them, and once again shape them into something mystically beautiful. For that is what we are, the creators and shapers of our own story.

Hail Hecate!