G Is For Green Tara

Over the last few days I have been drawn to a Goddess named Green Tara.

Green Tara Face, by Sue Halstenberg http://www.suehalstenberg.com/goddess_art/green_tara
Green Tara Face, by Sue Halstenberg

Historically there is no mentioning of her before the 5th century C.E. After that the green skinned young Goddess appears in several myths, while some are found in Finland, some originate in India and Tibet, where she is still very popular.

My personal connection to her, goes beyond her origin story, but to her aspect as a Goddess of Compassion and one that aids overcoming personal burdens from reaching spiritual enlightenment, such as fear, greed and mundane obstacles, and procrastination (her focus in compassionate action, not non-action)

Fear can lead to procrastination, and many times unreleased fear will freeze us from growth, both spiritual and mundane. The focus upon a mantra, specifically a mantra that is associated with a Goddess who overcomes fear, allows us to momentarily dismiss our this blockage, or at least temporarily suspend it.. In this aspect, mantras are like meditation, a focused state of mind, absent of not only ego (and therefore greed) and absent of dissolving thoughts (such as fear), in which state manifestation and co-creation can allow to occur.

During the exploration of ones shadow to work through any potential blockage, a deity such as the Goddess in her Green Tara aspect can be comforting and helpful.

Repeating her mantra:

Ohm Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

in repetitions of 108 (the length of a set of Mala beads) provides a focus point.

The rough translation of this mantra is

OM! O Tara! I entreat you, O Tara! O swift one! Hail!

The following is a video that features a beautiful rendition of the mantra


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