Kuan Yin’s Birthday (March 19th)

I am currently readying my altar space for both the upcoming Full Moon, Ostara  and Kuan Yin’s birthday, which this year will on March 19th. I decided to cross-stitch a lotus flower in her honor, which hopefully will be done by her birthday, considering that I am in the midst of writing deadlines and homeschooling lessons.

While this is primarily a blog and Shrine that has our Lady Hecate as a Matron Deity, there are a few deities that I connect with on a regular basis. Kuan Yin is one of them.

Kuan Yin Picture Compassion Ritual

I was drawn to her a few years ago, during a specifically restless time, when compassion and peace where at dire needs. And that is what she embodies, compassion and kindness. Compassion not only to our those whom are come in contact with, but with ourselves, our Mother Earth and the animals that share this physical plane with us. Many of her followers are vegetarians, and while I am not, I primarily purchase items that are not tested on animals to honor her and them.

Here is a small list of other traditional ways to honor Kuan Yin on her birthday and beyond:

  • Fast, or at least refrain from animal products of any kind for day
  • Spend the day or parts of the day in silent contemplation
  • Use this day to perform an act of kindness and charity, not necessarily monetary, but giving your time and actions to aid someone in need of compassion
  • Make an offering of fruit, flowers and incense to her
  • Volunteer in an animal shelter
  • write a blog post about peace or commit to becoming a Blogger For Peace
  • recite her mantras

Here is a beautiful video of one of her mantras

However you choose to celebrate this day, may the Kindness and Compassion of the Great Goddess be with you, now and always

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