Misunderstanding The Positive Thinking Process

Thinking positive is often misunderstood – it is not “‘sit here and think positively and good things will just happen”, it is a combination of knowing what you want, emerging yourself in the process of making it happen, enjoying the process and letting go off the outcome. With process I mean action – ideally that means, if you want to be successful in business you should love the processes (actions) that need to be taken in buisness – if you want to be a writer, you got to learn to like the process of creating dialogue, weaving stories or sharing your thoughts. Don’t be in love with the result but with the action it takes to get the result.

Those of us who teach self-help, Witchcraft or any other path that includes concepts such as Law of Attraction need to begin to point this out more and more. There are too many who share the metaphysical concepts without depth and further bring confusion into the mix.

What do you think?


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Claudia H. Blanton

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