Abundance And Prosperity – Fundamental Truths

Abundance and Prosperity – who would not want more of that? But as a seeker of abundance, many questions arise, and the answers can be as elusive as the reaching of the goal prosperity.

1. Defining Abundance and Prosperity Is Fluid. 
There are no absolute definitions on what abundance and prosperity means. Defining it, being clear about what you mean when you address the issue and finding the emotional connection to these definitions is the first step in reaching for it.

2. Dismissing Other People’s Abundance and Prosperity Is Detrimental To Your Ability To Reaching It. 
The more you dismiss, criticize or devalue someone else’s achievements, the less likely are you allowing yourself to reach your own personal stage of success. Spend your most valuable possession – time – wisely by learning from people’s success, rather then demonizing it. There are lessons hidden in their success, even if it is only what not to do.

3. Measuring Your Success Based On Someone Else’s Definition Is An Empty Vehicle for Abundance. 
One can be monetary abundant but emotionally empty. The fastest way to reach that negative state is to measure your definition of abundance upon the beliefs of others – may it be your peer group, your faith group, your family, or your friends. Stop that immediately and live your own definition.

4. Radiating Prosperity Brings More Prosperity 
It does not matter if your current reality is not the ideal, to make a change. Abundance and Prosperity starts with a mindset change. Becoming aware of both the already existing abundance in your life (even if those are not measured in your bank account), and by knowing that others thrive no matter what situation they started from, requires some mental discipline and re-focusing. The effort is worth it, to make a lasting change in your life.


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Claudia H. Blanton

Welcome! Glad you stopped by I am an Author, Blogger, Graphic Artist, Marketer and Business Owner. My passion for writers, artists, design and abundant living has let me to write two blogs (and growing). Live is full of possibilities!

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