Tell A Tale

What tale do you tell yourself?
People are story tellers, we always imagined, embellished, shared and constructed stories. Some withstood the attempts to quiet them, those stories of power, of the outcast, of deep wisdom and off the land.
Witches are story tellers too. We weave our truths into the magick we create, for ourselves and for others. Us magick storytellers, are the Keepers of the truth, and the misterious, sharing them with our spoken and written words, our actions, our movements, rituals and our dance.
But in this midst of story telling, we sometimes forgot ourselves. What stories do we weave about our own lives? Are those stories that tell about our power, or of our lack? Do they enhance us or tear us down?
It is time that we pay attention to them, take control of them, and once again shape them into something mystically beautiful. For that is what we are, the creators and shapers of our own story.

Hail Hecate! 


Published by

Claudia H. Blanton

Welcome! Glad you stopped by I am an Author, Blogger, Graphic Artist, Marketer and Business Owner. My passion for writers, artists, design and abundant living has let me to write two blogs (and growing). Live is full of possibilities!

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