The Habit of Fear


habit – a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up

Fear-based thinking is one of these habits that is hard to get rid off. Fear of that there is not enough, fear that one is not good enough, fear that one might be looked at as different, an outcast, if one chooses a path that is not the conventional one.
Being a Witch is not a path that can be walked on in fear. It demands courage, not only to face the possibility of becoming the target of ignorance, but also a more personal courage to work through the personal fears that live deep seated at times hidden in the tradition and habits with which we grew up with, specifically if we come from a very conventional background.

In Wicca this is often considered Shadow work.

But I do think that many overstate this work through the shadow of one soul, and create a habit of living in the past, rather then working toward a new future. The courage I speak off to overcome ones fear, does not need a dwelling upon the past, but rather an examination of ones reaction today, and the realization that there is a choice. You can choose a different reaction toward a situation with the new skills you acquired or examine why you react in habit.

The first option will create change, the second option will keep you where you are.

As a community in general I have observed the habit of fear based thinking by fighting within ourselves, drowning our desires for abundance, by discarding it into the box of greed, and fighting against the many issues that are currently approaching everyone’s experience, such as economic and social injustices. Fear keeps us there, courage to stand up and look for creative solutions brings us around it, and eventually allows those issues to dissipate.

Courage is a part of faith in our belief that we live in an ever expanding Universe that yields to our will through Magick. If we do not have that courage for expansion, what is the point of being able to create change the way we do?

Hail Hecate!

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Claudia H. Blanton

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