Living In The Moment – Creating A Future

Living in the now, the moment and truly appreciating its presence, lays the foundation to a better future. Gratitude for each step, the focus upon the beauty that is, is wiser than the focus upon what may be, specifically when the may-be is laced with expectations of something not so perfect.

Relaxing first into the beauty of the moment can create an positive tomorrow, simply by applying the principles of Law of Attraction. If you are focused upon finding the positive in the now, the Universe by Law will find you more positive in your next now, and a momentum of positive experience will enter you daily focus. 

An example of focusing in the now would be not only a gratitude journal, but a walking meditation, where the focus is upon each step, nothing further, nothing less. There is no room for dismissive or negative thought in those moments, that focus can open your experience to get unstuck from an inner negative chatter, in which so many of us exist in. 

Begin with the simple daily practice of Gratitude. Expand that to focus upon something you particularly love, such as the flavor of the coffee you are drinking right now. Employ a daily walking meditation. Train your focus to move away from negative expectations, or expectations that might have a negative or non-believing undertone, by employing these simple strategies throughout the day. 

Living in the moment can be a powerful spiritual practice of expansion.

Hail Hecate! 

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Claudia H. Blanton

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